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Geological Engineering Services (GeoENG)

Engineering geology is a geosciences study related to earth properties input for geotechnical engineers. Our services include geological site mapping, rock cut slope mapping and geological terrain mapping. The GeoENG activity produces report that make engineer understand and comfortably work on it for designing or other purposes. With the support of more than 20 years experience works with geotechnical engineer, our engineering geologist experiences make GeoSERVICES different to other competitor.

+Rock Slope Mapping and Analysis (GeoSLOPE)

The stability of a rock mass depends on the orientations and characteristics of discontinuities within the rock, and usually is unrelated to the strength of the rock itself. By understanding the local geology of a slope problem, mapping the discontinuities, and performing stereonet analyses, the hazards of mass movement can be characterized and mitigated.

+Geological Terrain Mapping (GeoTERRAIN)

“Garis Panduan Perancangan Pembangunan Kawasan Bukit dan Tanah Tinggi”  is the  main reference to evaluate planning applications for hillslope developments and highland areas by all Local Councils especially in Selangor. All departments, technical agencies, local councils, land offices, consultants and developers are advised to refer to these guidelines for planning and development on Class 3 and Class 4.

How we identify Class 3 and Class 4?

GeoTERRAIN is a mapping activity that involves terrain and engineering geological mapping on site to produce the terrain classification map (TCM) and reports. TCM content the map shows Class 3 and Class 4 as above mention. As we use GIS as a tool to analyse the field and digital data; and field data capture handle by experience geologist, we assure you that the map and report prepared by GeoSERVICES are accurate and comply with the Mineral and Geoscience Department Malaysia (JMG) guideline. 

+Engineering Geological Mapping (GeoMAPPING)

The engineering geology is an important aspect of study in the design and construction of any infrastructures and building. The input from engineering geology is, in fact, a pre-requisite to the design and construction of infrastructures and building. Failure to take into account engineering geologic factors, or inadequate input or considerations with respect to critical geologic features or structures associated with particular rocks or soils, can lead to failure. The three fundamental engineering geologic factors featured in the design and construction infrastructures: lithology, structure, and grade of weathering.


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